Boss Rush

Overview of the Boss Rush queue window
Guide of Boss Rush
You love to slay bosses? You love to compete with others? Then this is the right dungeon to enter!
Yes you heard right, slay bosses, nothing but bosses. Over 15 Stages, you can slay bosses in a given time frame, to get the delicious Diamond Reward! But be careful, as higher you climb up the stages, it will get harder and more difficult!
The boss threshold of each stage is the following
  • Stage 1-4: 1 Boss
  • Stage 5-10: 2 Bosses
  • Stage 11-15: 3 Bosses
You can either queue up solo or with your friends. Once you complete the dungeon, your personal best (in time) will be tracked and saved in the leaderboard to compete with other players.